Basic Iridium Operating Instructions

Your phone number is: _______________

Your equipment ID is: ______________.

Your unlock PIN is 1111.

1. Turn the power on.

2. Rotate and fully extend antenna.

3. Press "power" button. (Red button on bottom left)

Making Calls

1. Press and hold the "0" until a "+" sign appears.

2. Dial country code, city code and number.

3. Press "okay".

Receiving Calls (phone must be turned on)

1. Phone rings or vibrates.

2. Open keypad cover.

3. Phone displays "call" followed by "answer?"''

4. Rotate and extend antenna.

5. Press "okay".

6. You will see "connected" on the display.

Ending a Call

Press "okay" (or close the keypad cover, or press "C").

Access Voice Mail

From Your Iridium Phone

1. Press and hold the "0" until a "+" sign appears and dial 8816-629-90000.

2. Dial your phone number followed by #.

3. Interrupt system greeting by pressing "*".

4. Wait for prompt to enter pin number.

VOICEMAIL PIN: Last seven digits of your phone number.

Mail Box Menu

[1] Listening to your messages.

1 = rewind

7 = delete

9 = save

[3] Managing greeting.

2 = record your personal greeting (please leave standard greeting intact).

How Others Can Call You On Your Satellite Phone

Have your callers do the following:

1. "011" (from the US).

2. Dial the Iridium phone number.

NOTE !: Currently it is not possible yet to reach an Iridium phone from all regular telephone networks. Iridium is working hard together with telecom operators to make it possible to reach an Iridium phone from a growing number of regular telephone networks. If you are currently not able to reach an Iridium phone from a regular telephone network, please follow the alternative routes that are listed below.

1) From a regular phone using Iridium’s 2- stage access platform. If you want callers to be able to reach you without making an international call, follow this procedure.

Just Dial:

[1 480 768 2500] WHEN PROMPTED, enter 12 digit Iridium number. If you want your callers to dial a toll-free 800#, please contact customer service.

Note: This service is not solely on a calling party pays principal. Using Iridium’s 2 stage access, the caller pays for the international part of the call to the USA (N/A if the caller is already in the US), the Action Cellular customer pays for the satellite part of the call to the handset.

2) Free SMS via E-mail

Just sent an E-mail to the following address:

[12-digit Iridium phone] @msg.iridium.com

Place your message (max. 120 characters) in the body of the E-mail.