Satellite Phone Rental DIsclosure

Customer understands and agrees to the following conditions, which is provided to customer due to potential difficulties that may be encountered using the satellite telephone.

  1. Customer may find it difficult to make a connection with the satellite telephone.

  2. When a connection is made, the caller may experience frequent dropped calls.

  3. Satellite phones require line-of-sight access to the satellite in the sky at all times in order to function. Anything blocking the view of the satellite such as a building, tree, mountain, canyon, smoke, etc. may prevent making a connection.

  4. The Inmarsat Phone is not designed to work while in motion.

  5. Satellite Phones must be turned on and “connected” with a satellite in order to make or receive calls.

  6. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the Satellite Phone functions properly prior to leaving the United States. Customer should become familiar with the operation of the phone and make at least two successful, fully terminated calls prior to leaving the country. If Customer deems the phone inoperable, the phone must be returned to Lessor immediately to Action Cellular, (prior to leaving the United States). If the Customer does not make test calls or does not return the Satellite Phone prior to traveling abroad or within 36 hours of receipt of equipment, the phone shall be deemed operable, and Customer agrees to be responsible for all charges set forth in the rental agreement, including minimum usage fees until the phone is returned to Lessor.